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If I get hurt at work, can I get Social Security disability?

Many people in Detroit, Michigan, get hurt at work. Unfortunately, too many of these injuries end in a worker being disabled and unable to earn an income.

When this happens, a worker has options. For instance, Michigan, like other states, has a workers' compensation system, and workers can use that system to cover their medical bills and a lot of their lost income. However, it does not pay for everything.

Redistricting Reform and the Labor Movement

Thumbnail image for bruce.jpgAs we approach Labor Day, it is with a recognition that working people have suffered at the hands of the Republican dominated state legislature. These Republican legislators have enacted "right to work" along with a long series of bills that limit rights to collective bargaining and interfere with the ability of public unions to do business. They operate at the beck and call of the DeVos family and the Mackinaw Center, an extreme right wing think tank. And the worst of all this is that the enactments are a result of minority government where a minority party, through temporary control of the legislature, changes the rules through gerrymandering to guarantee its continued stay in power.

Anatomy of a federal discrimination case

Our Detroit, Michigan, employment and labor log blog has made it clear on many different occasions that many forms of discrimination, for example racial discrimination, are illegal under federal law. However, some Detroit residents might not know exactly how a lawsuit for a discrimination case is handled.

Specifically, they wonder what exactly the court will expect them to prove, since it is a rare day in which an employer comes out and admits that they treated an employee differently and for an illegal reason. Instead, employers usually do a good job of covering up a discriminatory action with a paper trail that makes the decision seem legitimate.

Employment contracts and wrongful termination

In most instances, employment is considered to be "at will," which means that an employer can fire an employee for any reason or no reason at all. One way to try to limit an employer's right to terminate an employee is to enter into an employment contract. These documents can cover a wide variety of issues, including salary, benefits, paid time off and limitations on the employee's behavior post-termination.

Yet, simply because an employment contract is in place does not mean that an employee cannot be fired. In fact, all too often employers break these contracts. Sometimes it is due to a personal vendetta, other times it is because the company believes that it can benefit from breaking ties with an employee. Regardless, those who are subject to an employment contract and are fired by their employer need to carefully understand the extent of their contract and whether it was breached. Depending on the circumstances, an employee may be able to bring a lawsuit against an employer for both breach of contract and wrongful termination.

Social Security disability and compassionate allowances

Individuals who suffer from a disabling injury or illness may be able to recover Social Security disability benefits to help them cover their medical expenses and lost wages. This is no small thing, as treating a disabling condition can be quite expensive, and it could leave an individual out of work for a significant period of time. That being said, successfully obtaining these benefits isn't always as easy as it may seem. In fact, many SSD claims are denied on the basis that the claimant does not meet a medical condition's requirements to be considered "disabling."

Yet, there are some medical conditions that are so obviously disabling that the Social Security Administration will expedite the process to grant SSD benefits to those who suffer from them. Through this program, known as compassionate allowances, the SSA only requires minimal objective medical information proving that a claimant suffers from the condition. Although there is no specified time for how quickly these claims are adjudicated, it is often much faster than regular SSD claims.

Seven Reasons to Support Michigan's Prevailing Wage Law

construction-workers-oppose-prevailing-wages.jpegMichigan's Prevailing Wage law provides a minimum rate for wages and fringe benefits for construction workers on projects that the State of Michigan funds or sponsors. Currently, non-union contractors are partnering with conservative politicians to repeal Michigan's Prevailing Wage laws by obtaining sufficient signatures to put the issue on the ballot. The professional signature gatherers will cloak the true nature of their effort in an attempt to fool you to support their effort to harm working families.

Employee rights for breastfeeding mothers

Over the last several decades, more women have chosen to enter the workforce, including those who are mothers. For some, this choice is merely to add to household wealth or continue in a profession that one loves. For others, though, the choice to work is out of financial necessity. This can be especially challenging for new mothers who may have to return to work faster than they had hoped. Yet, regardless of one's financial position, federal law provides certain protections for mothers who engage in the workforce.

One of those rights is to have a reasonable break time so that they can express breast milk. This protection lasts for up to one year after a child's birth, and the break must be given each time that a mother needs to express. In addition to providing ample time, employers are required to give a nursing mother a space where they can express milk privately. This means that the space must be out of public view and free from intrusion.

"A lifetime of Dedicated Service to the Labor Movement"

Thumbnail image for Award2.jpgAward.jpgWe are proud to announce that our founding Partner Bruce A Miller was honored June 5th 2017 at the 7th Annual Labor Leader on Labor Form for "A lifetime of Dedicated Service to the Labor Movement" Mr. Miller has dedicated his career to "Justice for Working People" We would like to thank Wayne State University Labor Studies department for honoring him with this prestigious award.

Social Security disability for hearing loss

Suffering a disabling injury or illness can be a difficult thing to cope with for an individual. He or she may be rendered unable to perform the activities he or she once loved, and even conducting day-to-day business, like grocery shopping, visiting family and going to work can become challenging, if not impossible. Additionally, these individuals can be left in a dire financial situation if they are knocked out of work. Fortunately, though, these individuals may be able to qualify for Social Security disability benefits, which would help offset medical expenses and lost wages.

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