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Deciding child custody and parenting time (visitation) is always a sensitive issue. Whether you think you and the other parent can work out an agreement or you expect it to be a contentious battle, you can benefit from the counsel of a knowledgeable family law attorney.

Miller Cohen, PLC, provides child custody and child support representation to parents in Michigan. We can help you protect your rights in negotiations, mediation and litigation, if the case goes to trial. To schedule a free consultation with a Detroit child custody lawyer, please call 313-566-4787 or 800-221-6021.

Our Approach To Developing A Child Custody And Parenting Time Plan

Writing a custody and parenting time agreement is one step in determining custody and visitation. If parents can settle on the terms of an agreement, the court will most likely approve it. This is typically the best situation for the family because the parents work together to resolve their issues.

Not all cases, however, can be resolved through negotiation and mediation. When parents cannot agree on custody and visitation, the court will decide for them. When determining custody, the court considers what is in the best interest of the child. In Michigan, there are 12 factors regarding the relationship between each parent and the child, including the strength of the relationship, the health of each party, the moral fitness of each parent and other considerations. If you are in a contested custody case, it is important to have a lawyer to argue your position and protect your rights.

Michigan Child Support Law

Child support is based on many factors. Usually, the parent with physical custody pays less child support. The number of overnight visits the child spends with the noncustodial parent will also be considered. The court also looks at each parent's income and taxes, the number of children involved, and health insurance and child care costs.

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