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Colorectal cancer study yields some interesting findings

One type of cancer that individuals sometimes develop is colorectal cancer. Recently, researchers made some potentially helpful findings regarding this kind of cancer.

The researchers, who are from the United States and the United Kingdom, made the findings in a recent study. The findings regard microRNA-135b, a type of molecule.

In the study, the researchers looked at animal models and human colorectal tumors to see if there were any relationships between microRNA-135b levels and colorectal cancer. The researchers found that, in colorectal tumors, there were abnormally high levels of the molecule. The researchers also found that there was an association between high levels of the molecule and both poor clinical outcome and tumor progression.

There are two major reasons why these findings could be helpful. One is that the findings indicate that the targeting of this molecule could potentially be something that could help in the treatment of colorectal cancer. The other is that the findings indicate that tracking the levels of the molecule could be helpful in figuring out how far a particular case of colorectal cancer has progressed. The state of such progression can be a very important piece of information for doctors when figuring out what treatment should be given to a colorectal cancer patient.

Colorectal cancer and the treatments for it can change a person's life in massive ways. When facing such major changes, the last thing a person wants to worry about is being able to afford all their medical, care and everyday costs. Thankfully, there are forms of monetary relief that cancer victims may be able seek to help them with their financial situation when cancer or its treatments have caused them to not be able to bring in income through working. Social Security Disability benefits are one type of relief that cancer victims might qualify for.

Source:, "New study identifies potential target for colorectal cancer treatment," April 15, 2014

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