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Social Security Disability Benefits for Illnesses Archives

What are "compassionate allowances"?

Illness is not fair. It doesn't stop to examine whether or not a person can survive it or afford to fight it -- it just happens. It can happen to the young and the old, the rich and the poor, the healthy and the meek. No matter the circumstances, a serious illness can be devastating for Michigan residents.

Inflammatory arthritis sufferers may seek SSD benefits

Inflammatory arthritis is a debilitating condition that affects a large number of people in the United States. Many Michigan residents suffer from this disease, and for many of them it makes holding down a job difficult or even impossible. Those who can demonstrate that the condition makes them unable to work may apply for Social Security disability benefits.

Bill would eliminate waiting period for disability benefits

Social Security Disability Insurance helps many Americans make ends meet when illness or injury prevents them from working. But for those who are terminally ill, the disability benefits often come too late. That's because there is a five-month waiting period before an eligible recipient can actually start receiving the benefits. For someone with only a few months to live, that wait may mean never receiving the benefits at all.

Do SSD benefits cover skin cancer?

In the warm, long days of summer, many Michigan residents get outside to enjoy the sunshine. They head to the beach, parks and campsites around the state to take full advantage of the weather. During this time outside, many people undergo long periods of sun exposure. Some may suffer nothing more than a sunburn, but others can eventually develop skin cancer.

Can a person receive SSD benefits after a heart transplant?

It is not uncommon these days for a person in Michigan with a serious disease to experience organ failure that necessitates a transplant. Transplants are particularly important when a person is suffering from heart disease. A heart transplant is a serious operation that could have long-lasting effects. Therefore, it may be necessary for heart transplant recipients to pursue Social Security disability benefits. What will the Social Security Administration consider when a person applies for benefits after a heart transplant?

Am I eligible for Social Security Disability benefits?

Social Security Disability benefits have been established throughout the United States, including Michigan, to aid residents unable to work due to a long-term disability. Disabilities include any physical or mental condition that prohibits a worker from his or her current position or to perform substantial work with other forms of employment, as well.

Receiving Social Security disability benefits for seizure

Many people in Detroit who have medical issues are not aware that their problems qualify them to receive Social Security disability benefits for illness. While many are under the impression that SSD benefits are only available to those who have such medical challenges as paralysis, severe mental disorders or clear injuries that are visible to the naked eye, it's important to remember that those who suffer from medical problems that cause seizure are also eligible.

Social security disability benefits helping the sick

Illness often strikes us when we least expect it. In many circumstances the illness can be cured with a few days of rest and relaxation. In some circumstances, however, an illness can completely change our lives. It can cause mental, emotional and physical pain to an individual.

Is new colon cancer screening test a good thing?

Recently, a new screening test for colon cancer has come onto the scene. The test is called Cologuard. It is a home test which involves taking a stool sample and then sending it to a lab where several things (including DNA) will be looked at to see if there are any potential indicators of colon cancer. The idea behind the test is that if the results come back positive, a person should then seek out more comprehensive tests to determine if they do in fact have colon cancer.

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