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Social Security Disability Benefits for Injuries Archives

Help is often needed to obtain SSDI benefits for injuries

Michigan residents can be injured in countless ways. These injuries can occur unexpectedly and in a moment's notice. When a person seriously injured, the person may need to spend years trying to get back in the physical shape the person was prior to the injury. An injury can also change the shape of a person's future permanently. While rehabilitation can help individuals get back to their former selves, this can take it long time to happen.

Proving eligibility for SSD benefits after an injury

When Michigan residents suffer a serious injury, a lengthy recovery and even temporary or permanent disabilities may be the result. Unfortunately, this often makes it difficult or impossible for the injured person to work, leading to lost wages and financial problems. Our law firm understands that this is a difficult predicament to be in. However, Social Security Disability benefits could help fill this major financial void.

Building Trades Workers lose benefits with 2011 Republican Amendments to Workers Compensation Law

It used to be that while you were recovering from a job related injury you would continue to draw full workers compensation benefits and be eligible for rehabilitation to get you into shape for a job of comparable wages. No more! Under these 2011 Republican Amendments signed into law by Governor Snyder you have to look for work even while on restrictions. And your benefit will be cut to reflect wage earning capacity on jobs out there but not necessarily available. The wage for the job does not have to be equal or comparable to your pre-injury job. The result of all this is a minimum wage standard instead of the high wages usually earned by electricians. For more information on how to deal with this problem you should contact Andrea "The Hammer" Hamm at Miller Cohen, General Counsel to Local 58. 313-964-4454

Determining whether or not you qualify for SSDI benefits

Living with a serious disability -- caused either by a serious illness or injury -- can be very difficult. People can struggle with their health, their independence and their finances. Not only do many people face staggering medical bills to treat a disability, they may also be completely unable to work. Without a job, people can have a hard time supporting themselves.

Social Security Disability and Michigan workplace injuries

While some Michigan residents are born with physical disabilities, others are disabled following an injury. The source of this injury varies from case to case and can include a car accident, slip-and-fall or other personal injury. In other situations, a workplace accident can cause the injury.

Could nerve fibers damaged by spinal injuries be regenerated?

Sometimes, spinal cord injuries cause their victims to suffer paralysis or a loss of sensation. Such impairments can sometimes make it so a person can no longer hold the types of jobs that they were qualified to do. Such impairments may qualify a person for Social Security Disability benefits. Disability attorneys can help spinal cord injury victims when it comes to determining if seeking Social Security Disability benefits is right for them, filing an application for benefits, collecting documentation in support of a benefits application and appealing the rejection of a benefits claim.

Extreme sports and head/neck injuries

Extreme sports are becoming increasingly popular here in the United States. Unfortunately, as the popularity of these sports has increased, so too has the number of head and neck injuries suffered in relation to them. At least that's what a recent study has found.

Study: sleep problems very common for spine injury victims

When it comes to the impacts a spinal cord injury can have on a person, the first one that likely comes to mind is paralysis. It is important to note however that paralysis is, by far, not the only life-changing thing a person can face in relation to a spinal cord injury. Such injuries can be impactful on a person in many different ways.

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