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What types of workplace discrimination exist in Michigan?

What types of workplace discrimination exist - and are illegal - in the state of Michigan? This could be a question on the minds of many local workers these days, as jobs may be scarce and workplace conditions less than ideal. Knowing what types of discrimination exist is important for those who may be affected by this harmful practice. Moreover, if one person in a workplace is being treated unfairly, chances are others are, too.

Gender discrimination at MSU student lounge, professor says

Most people probably assume today's colleges and universities would be unlikely to be home issues such as sexual harassment, whistleblower claims and other high-profile incidents involving employment law. After all, colleges typically enjoy a reputation for being progressive and in line with the law. Michigan's universities educate many thousands of diverse students; as a result, it is often surprising when such institutions are accused of discrimination.

Common examples of illegal sexual harassment

Harassment and discrimination are two things no worker should have to deal with. In today's economy, work can be a struggle for many and continued employment should not have to depend upon suffering through or tolerating illegal behavior. In the Michigan workplace, sexual harassment is a real problem and can make going to work a horrendous experience for the person on the receiving end. Moreover, sexual harassment can present real problems for employers who want to ensure their workplace is safe, positive and productive.

Is the Family Medical Leave Act just for pregnancies?

Most workers who are parents probably remember taking some time off of work when their new son or daughter arrived. Typically, pregnant woman take a certain time off, often 12 weeks, following the birth of a child; this time off is an entitlement for most Michigan workers under the Family Medical Leave Act. The FMLA, though, has many important functions and is used by employees for much more than pregnancies and welcoming a new child. Those wanting to know more about their rights under the FMLA can speak with a Detroit employment law attorney.

Do 'tipped' workers receive overtime pay in Michigan?

It seems like nowadays, those who are fortunate enough to have full-time jobs are putting in longer hours than ever. As a result, many in Michigan are likely to be concerned about wage and hour laws and whether or not they are receiving the correct amount of overtime pay. Learning about employment law is often a complicated endeavor, though one that can be made much easier with an employment law attorney's help.

Court reinstates discrimination claim by hospital technician

Sex discrimination claims can often be very difficult to prove. Sometimes, these difficulties can cause trial courts to dismiss cases that deserve to be decided by a jury. In a case that arose out of an incident at VHS Detroit Receiving Hospital, the U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals for the 6th Circuit decided that the trial court erred in granting summary judgment in favor of the defendant and that, as a matter of employment law, the plaintiff was entitled to a jury trial.

An introduction to Michigan's whistleblowers' protection act

A recently-filed lawsuit in Detroit by a former employee of Volkswagen is calling attention to Michigan's whistleblower's protection act. Enacted in 1980, the statute is an important part of the state's employment law. It is intended to protect workers who report violations of state or federal law by their employers. The law provides an important safeguard against an employer's attempts to retaliate against such an employee by firing or demoting them in retaliation for reporting the legal violations.

U.S. Army pays on sexual harassment claim

When people go to work, they expect that they will be treated with a certain amount of respect. While employers have great leeway in how they can treat employees, there are basic rights that all employees enjoy. One of these rights is the freedom from sexual harassment in the workplace. Employers cannot tolerate or participate in the sexual harassment of employees. If employers allow employees to suffer from sexual harassment in the workplace, these employers can be held liable under employment laws.

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