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Fighting For
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FAQ About Social Security Claims

At Miller Cohen, P.L.C., we strive to be a resource for individuals in Detroit and throughout Michigan. The Social Security system can be confusing. We want to make it easier. The following are the answers to some of our most common questions about Social Security claims.

Who Is Eligible For Social Security Disability Benefits (SSDI)?

To be eligible to receive SSDI and/or SSI, you must be unable to work for 12 consecutive months due to a physical, mental or combined conditions. You do not need to wait 12 months to pursue benefits.

What Kinds Of Conditions Qualify For SSDI And/Or SSI?

Social Security covers a wide variety of physical and mental conditions that can affect a person’s ability to work. Please visit our disability benefits page to get more detailed information about qualifying conditions.

How Does Social Security Disability Income (SSDI) Differ From Supplemental Security Income (SSI)?

SSDI benefits are generally available only to those individuals who have contributed enough to the Social Security system and FICA in taxes. Individuals who haven’t earned enough credits, may not qualify for SSDI, but may qualify for SSI benefits.

Do I Need An Attorney?

While you are not required to hire an attorney to pursue SSDI and/or SSI, you may benefit from doing so. An attorney can help you by guiding you through the claims process, ensuring you have the documentation you need to help you avoid the possibility of having your claim denied.

If your claim has been denied, it is extremely valuable to have an attorney who has the knowledge and resources necessary to help you successfully appeal the denial.

How Long Does The Process Take?

Unfortunately, there is not a uniform timeline for every Social Security claim. While some claims may be handled very quickly, the claims process can take much longer.

What Happens If My Claim Is Denied?

If your claim is denied, it is not necessarily the end of the road. You can appeal the denied claim. Social Security claims are most often denied because there was insufficient evidence of disability or more information was needed. A social security attorney knows what information to obtain to build your case.

Do You Have Additional Questions? We’re Here To Help.

You may have more questions about obtaining SSDI and/or SSI. Every situation is unique. We want you to know that we are a resource for you. We invite you to call our office to schedule a free consultation to discuss your concerns. We will talk about your individual situation and what options are available for you. Call us at 313-566-4787 or toll-free at 800-221-6021. You can also reach our firm via email using our online contact form.