Fighting For
Employee And Union Rights
Fighting For
Employee And Union Rights

How Occupational Diseases Affect Your Job

Each year, thousands of workers and employees are diagnosed with an occupational disease or a condition that was directly caused by the physical demands of their job. At Miller Cohen, P.L.C., we advocate for employees, working to recover the compensation and benefits these workers need to cover their financial needs and seek treatment for their medical conditions.

Can I Recover Compensation For Ailments I Suffer Due To My Job?

Occupational diseases affect workers of a specific job or industry, creating physical pain or ailments as a result of repetitive motions or the demands of that particular job.

Examples of these might include:

  • Lung disease or asthma in construction workers or those at risk of breathing in dust and chemical particles on the job
  • Skin conditions or eczema in hairdressers, machinists, cleaners or those who handle chemicals on a daily basis
  • Carpal tunnel disease or repetitive stress injuries in workers at a computer or on an assembly line who conduct the same repetitive motions every day
  • Hearing loss in workers working around loud machinery, tools or factory noise.

If you are suffering from pain or a chronic ailment and you suspect that it was caused by your job, we can help. Our attorneys will sit down with you to discuss the demands of your job and how it might be affecting your health. From there, we will explain workers’ compensation and other options that can get you the compensation you need for treatment and the fullest recovery possible.

If you are unable to go back to work as a result of your occupational disease, we will advocate for the disability benefits or appropriate workers’ compensation needed to help you cover your lost wages and find new job opportunities.

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