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Fighting For
Employee And Union Rights

Steps to take after a wrongful termination

On Behalf of | May 5, 2023 | Employment Law

Losing a job is upsetting, but if the termination also violates your rights as a Michigan employee, you could have legal options to remedy the situation. Knowing what steps to take after a wrongful discharge can be essential.

Collect Paperwork and Correspondence

Evidence is crucial in these claims, and this often comes in the form of emails, voicemails, and performance reviews. If you are able to collect this information yourself from your own records, computers, and phones, be sure to do so right away and store them in a safe place.

Even if you no longer have access, you can work with an attorney to secure relevant information after the fact.

Talk to a Lawyer

Not every termination is wrongful, even if you suspect it was. To be legally wrongful, your discharge must meet specific requirements, like being discriminatory, retaliatory, or in violation of a current contract.

Talking to an attorney about the facts of your case can help you assess whether you have a claim and what your next steps are.

Watch What You Say Online

After termination, it is likely that you may, understandably, be angry. You might want to lash out online by badmouthing your former employer on social media sites or spreading proprietary information to other parties; you might feel tempted to reach out to other employees at the company or make statements to your former boss.

However, these actions can do much more harm than good. They can trigger lawsuits against you, reduce any monetary awards you may be entitled to, and damage your professional reputation.

Therefore, thinking carefully about what you do or say will generally be in your best interests. Something that might feel justified or vindicating now could ultimately haunt you for years to come.

Act Fast

You might be reeling from termination and worried about finding a new job or filing for unemployment to ensure you can still make ends meet. These are indeed top priorities, but do not wait too long to report wrongful discharge.

Not only are there statutes of limitations in place, but the longer you wait to file a claim, the more difficult it can be to build a case. Documents get destroyed, people change jobs, and memories fade.

Acting swiftly and taking these steps if you suspect your employer wrongfully fired you can help you protect your rights as a Michigan employee.

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