Statement Regarding the Racial Reckoning in our Country on behalf of Miller Cohen, PLC

At Miller Cohen, PLC, we stand behind the racial reckoning that is taking place in our country. Whether on the job, in the courtroom, on picket lines or in the criminal justice system, we as a country must assure that Black Lives Matter. Even more, we all have an obligation to root out and oppose injustice faced in any community. As Dr. Martin Luther King wrote in his 1963 letter from the Birmingham jail, "Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere." Labor leader Walter Reuther once said "we fight for civil rights to make them universal … You can be free only as your neighbor is free."

For decades, Miller Cohen proudly has taken up arms on the front lines of this struggle. With a combined 130-plus years of litigation experience and sweat equity, we have fought for civil rights in the workplace, in criminal justice, and in society more broadly. Whether it was successfully using litigation to help integrate downtown Detroit banking institutions in the 1960's, challenging physical abuse of African-American women on Detroit streets at the hands of police officers, or the continued fight for workers’ rights on a daily basis, our lawyers have used their talents to insist upon change. Our firm motto, Justice for Working People, is not simply a tag line, but a deeply held passion that drives everything we do.