Fighting For
Employee And Union Rights
Fighting For
Employee And Union Rights

Collective Bargaining And Labor Relations Negotiation Attorney

The National Labor Relations Act and state laws govern the right of employees to join unions and collectively bargain for proper conditions of employment. At Miller Cohen, P.L.C., our Michigan collective bargaining lawyers have extensive experience representing unions involved in collective bargaining, including negotiating some of the largest contracts in the state for thousands of union members. Our labor law attorneys bring talent and experience to the negotiation table. For example, attorney Bruce Miller has stood up for the rights of unions as an activist, advisor and attorney for more than 50 years. He is known as the dean of the labor law practice in Michigan. To learn more about our experience, contact our law office by calling 313-566-4787 or 800-221-6021 for a free consultation.

Advising And Representing Unions During Collective Bargaining

There are specific procedures and regulations that employers and employees must follow during collective bargaining. We provide legal guidance during collective bargaining in two ways:

  1. As legal advisors, we answer questions and resolve legal issues that arise during the collective bargaining process.
  2. We can also bargain contracts for unions, representing our clients at the negotiation table.

Because we have been involved in many employee contract negotiations, we have strong insight into collective bargaining.

Our law firm is also a tried and true advocate for employees and labor unions. We believe that labor unions are the bedrock necessary to the perpetuation of a democratic society and we devote our attention to protecting them during negotiations of collective bargaining agreements, arbitration processes (such as grievance arbitrations ) and litigation.

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