Fighting For
Employee And Union Rights
Fighting For
Employee And Union Rights

Employment Law For Professionals & Executives

Professionals and executives are not immune from employment law issues and disputes. In fact, their employment law needs are often more complex than those of other employees. At Miller Cohen, P.L.C., we represent all types of professionals and executives, including partners, directors, managers, supervisors, senior employees and financial officers. We understand the unique needs you may have regarding salary, benefits and contracts. To schedule a free consultation regarding employment law for professionals and executives, please call 313-566-4787 or 800-221-6021.

We Are On Your Side

The lawyers at Miller Cohen, P.L.C., represent only employees, not businesses. Even if you are an executive, you are still an employee and you need representation in employment law matters. Your employer will have legal counsel; you should, too.

We assist workers in Michigan with a broad range of employment law needs, including:

  • Wage and hour issues: classification, overtime pay
  • Not receiving sales commissions
  • Terminations and severance packages
  • Contracts, employment agreements and noncompete agreements
  • Pensions and stock options
  • Deferred compensation plans
  • Bonus pay and cash incentive plans

We can draft, review, and negotiate contracts and severance packages. We can also resolve or litigate disputes that arise.

You do not need to wait until you are involved in a dispute to contact an attorney. It is best to learn your rights and options before the dispute begins. In addition, if you are signing an employment agreement when starting a new job, you may want an attorney to review it to ensure that you are not signing away important rights.

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