Fighting For
Employee And Union Rights
Fighting For
Employee And Union Rights

Grievance Arbitration Procedure And Process


Many collective bargaining agreements require unions and employers to use grievance arbitration to resolve disputes. At Miller Cohen, P.L.C., we have decades of experience representing labor union members in hundreds of grievance arbitrations. Put experience on your side during your grievance arbitration. Contact our Michigan grievance arbitration attorneys by calling 313-566-4787 or toll-free 800-221-6021.

Comprehensive Representation During Grievance Arbitrations

During grievance arbitrations, management, and unions present their sides of a disagreement to a neutral third party who then makes a decision. That decision is usually final and binding. Like a court proceeding, you will have the chance to provide evidence and call witnesses that support your position.

Our Michigan grievance arbitration attorneys represent labor unions’ rights and interests during grievance arbitrations involving any violation of a collective bargaining agreement – such as wrongful termination – or questions regarding the application and interpretation of collective bargaining agreements.

We will review your collective bargaining agreement with you and determine how to proceed. Then, we will gather evidence that supports your position and argue your case at the arbitration hearing and in any necessary post-hearing briefs.

All collective bargaining agreements have specific timelines and grievance procedures that you must meet. These timelines are often very short. Therefore, it is important to contact a labor law attorney as soon as possible.

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Our law firm has a strong tradition of protecting labor unions in a wide variety of labor matters, including collective bargaining, grievance arbitrations, labor union litigation, and unfair labor practice actions. For aggressive and knowledgeable legal advice and representation, contact us.