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Help is often needed to obtain SSDI benefits for injuries

On Behalf of | Jan 15, 2016 | Social Security Disability Benefits for Injuries

Michigan residents can be injured in countless ways. These injuries can occur unexpectedly and in a moment’s notice. When a person seriously injured, the person may need to spend years trying to get back in the physical shape the person was prior to the injury. An injury can also change the shape of a person’s future permanently. While rehabilitation can help individuals get back to their former selves, this can take it long time to happen.

As individuals are recovering from injuries, it may be impossible for them to work. Without income from a steady job, individuals can face financial peril. This financial stress can be increased by the medical bills pouring in from the treatment of the injury. Often, these people need help paying for their everyday expenses.

This is where Social Security Disability Insurance benefits can be a lifesaver. By qualifying for SSDI benefits for injury, individuals can receive the monthly income that they desperately need while they are unable to work. While these benefits may sound too good to be true, individuals should know that it is very difficult to be approved for these benefits.

Often, the help of an attorney is necessary in order for people to get Social Security Administration approval of benefits. There is a series of federal requirements that must all be met in order for applications to be approved.

The attorneys at our law firm understand these requirements and how to prove that a person qualifies for benefits. We can work with individuals to ensure that their application is correctly filed. We can also help individuals move through any necessary appeals to get the benefits they need. SSD benefits for injury are a literal lifeline for many individuals. With the right help, people can see the benefits they desperately need.

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