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Fighting For
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Are women still earning less than men?

On Behalf of | Mar 19, 2024 | Employment Law

Workers across the state continue to grapple with various wage issues, but few are more frustrating than the enduring gender wage gap. Unfortunately, recent research suggests that the gender pay gap remains a stubborn barricade to equality, despite strides in educational attainment.

Education vs. wage gap

A recent U.S. Census Bureau report reveals a disheartening statistic: women with a post-secondary certificate or graduate from a top-tier university earn approximately 71 cents for every dollar men with the same level of education make.

This gap persists even though women now comprise over half of the college-educated workforce. The report delves beyond full-time employment comparisons and scrutinizes earnings by educational achievement.

Factors like field of study, occupation choice and work hours do contribute to the pay discrepancy; however, they don’t fully account for it. About 31% of the wage gap defies explanation, hinting at underlying issues like gender stereotypes and discrimination.

What can workers do?

If you suspect wage disparities in your workplace, there are steps you can take. Begin by researching average salaries for your position within Michigan and arm yourself with this information. Talking to others with your same or similar title at your company can also be helpful.

Further, you can discuss pay structures with HR or your employer. That said, calling out or questioning your pay can be an intimidating thought, so you can choose to seek legal advice or assistance from labor rights groups.

Salary transparency and mentorship can also be pivotal in uncovering and addressing wage disparities, especially for women of color.

Essential conversations and actions

Wage equality is a hot-button issue, so it can be difficult for workers to talk about the subject or resolve discrepancies. However, awareness and proactive measures are key to making advancements in closing the wage gap.

If you have concerns or questions regarding wage-related issues like unpaid overtime, failure to pay minimum wage or illegal withholding practices, speaking up is crucial. Whether you talk to your boss or an attorney, having this discussion is the first step toward collecting the compensation you deserve.