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Can I get disability if I have severe depression?

On Behalf of | Dec 29, 2017 | Social Security Disability

Many Detroit, Michigan residents suffer with severe depression. Far from being just a bad day or a bad week, clinical depression can leave a person not feeling like themselves for months or even years.

Depression can manifest itself in the ways a person behaves. They can lose their appetite or experienced a disruption in their sleep patterns, for instance. On a social level, it can get very difficult for them to interact with others or keep their minds focused on their work. In the worst cases, depression can even leave a person unable to leave the home.

As with other mental conditions, a Detroit resident can get Social Security Disability benefits when they have depression, provided, of course, that they otherwise qualify for them.

For instance, in order to qualify for benefits based on depression, a person will have to demonstrate that the condition, despite being treated, has left the person unable to work for at least one year.

Moreover, the person will have to show that the depression consistently renders them unable to do their job, even if it the condition is controlled by anti-depressants. In lieu of this, a person can show instead that he or she will inevitably not be able to do his or her work if there is any change in his or her work demands or environment, however small or routine those changes may be.

Because one cannot see that a person is depressed in the same way he or she can see a person is blind or has lost a leg, it can be hard to convince the Social Security Administration to award benefits in these types of cases. This is one reason a person who is suffering under the weight of depression may want to consider getting the help of an experience Social Security disability attorney.