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Ways improve your chances of getting benefits

On Behalf of | Jan 25, 2018 | Social Security Disability

As many Michigan residents already know, many people from the Detroit area who are not able to work will get denied Social Security Disability benefits when they apply for them, even if their condition is legitimate and is really keeping their job opportunities limited. Even with the best of attorneys, applicants should be prepared for a long wait and should adjust their spending accordingly.

However, there are some things a person can do in order to improve his or her chances of getting approved for benefits out of the gate or, at least, setting themselves up for a successfully administrative hearing should one be necessary.

Perhaps the most important of these tips is that a person can and should track down all of their medical records and other information before they apply for benefits. The Administration makes its decision based on medical records, so when they have that information in front of them at the outset, it makes it easier to get a “yes.”

Second, the applicant should also be sure that his or her treating physician agrees that their medical condition is disabling. Even if it appears a person has a serious medical condition, the Administration is going to be unlikely to award benefits without some expert confirming that the applicant isn’t able to continue working as they once could.

There are other tips a person can follow in order to increase their odds of getting benefits quickly; it may, for instance, pay off of the person to have an attorney help even with the initial application, even though oftentimes attorneys don’t get involved in disability claims until someone needs and administrative hearing.