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Fighting For
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Discrimination is not an acceptable workplace condition

On Behalf of | Oct 17, 2019 | Employment Law

Every workplace has its benefits and drawbacks. A Michigan resident may love the work that they do for their employer, but may find it difficult to work with all of their co-workers. Alternatively, an individual may adore the people that share their workspace, but may find their on-the-job tasks to be tedious. However, no matter where a person works or what they do for a living, they should not have to endure harassment or discrimination when they do their job.

Discrimination and harassment are prohibited employment actions in for many different employers and types of workplaces. Individuals may not be treated differently at work because of their race or religion, gender or sexual orientation. They may not be subjected to adverse employment actions, like demotions, loss of responsibilities or terminations because of their inclusion in these and other protected classes.

Not all employers and their hired supervisors operate in fair and legal manners. Despite the existence of anti-discrimination and anti-harassment laws many places of employment are marred by detrimental and abusive employment conditions for their workers. When workers are subjected to these adverse conditions, they may have legal rights to protect themselves and their employment.

The law firm of Miller Cohen represents men and women who have suffered under the weight of employment-based harassment and discrimination. The attorneys of the firm have guided their employment law clients through difficult analyses to determine how best to address their concerns and legal needs. Different employment law cases may have different outcomes based on their facts, and for this reason, individuals with harassment and discrimination concerns should seek independent legal advice. The law firm of Miller Cohen is available for those in need.