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Fighting For
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On-the-job crash: What are my options for relief?

On Behalf of | Mar 7, 2023 | Workers' Compensation

Car accidents can happen on any road at any time, including any time you are working. If you are on the job and get hurt in a crash, know that you could have multiple options for pursuing financial relief and remedies. 

Workers’ compensation

In some cases, after a car accident, you could collect workers’ compensation benefits. These medical and financial benefits are available to workers who meet eligibility criteria, including:

  • Being a full-time or part-time employee
  • Having an injury or illness related to or exacerbated by work

For instance, if you drive for a living or were simply on the clock when you were in the accident, you could be eligible for workers’ compensation. However, generally speaking, these benefits are not available if your crash occurred while driving to or home from work. 

If you wish to collect workers’ compensation in Michigan, you can file a claim through your employer, who will report it to insurance. If the insurer approves the claim, it will cover reasonable and necessary medical expenses. You can receive wage-loss benefit payments, depending on the expected duration of your illness or injury.

Third-party lawsuits

Workers’ compensation claims are different from personal injury lawsuits. Under state laws, you cannot sue your employer for benefits outside of those provided through workers’ compensation. However, you could file a suit against a third party if one is involved.

Since car accidents often involve third parties, filing a lawsuit against a negligent or reckless party responsible for your accident could also be an option.

These claims can hold people accountable for the economic and non-economic damages you suffer in an accident. Parties who may be liable include:

  • Drunk or drugged drivers
  • Speeding drivers
  • Manufacturers of a defective auto part
  • Owners of dangerous property

You may be able to pursue damages from these parties instead of or in addition to workers’ compensation benefits. 

Maximizing financial relief

You have the right to know your options for pursuing compensation after an accident. If one occurs while you are on the job, there could be multiple sources worth pursuing. Discussing your options with an attorney sooner rather than later can help you maximize the remedies available.