Fighting For
Employee And Union Rights
Fighting For
Employee And Union Rights

Workers’ rights and safe workplaces

On Behalf of | Jan 24, 2024 | Labor Law

Every worker should feel safe and secure in their work environment. This fundamental expectation enables employees to carry out their duties without the fear of undue stress, injury or worse. But what happens when these rights are challenged or seemingly disregarded by the very organizations that are meant to uphold them?

Walgreens staff walkouts

One potential response to this situation is for workers to organize and protest. For instance, Walgreens pharmacy staff at about 300 locations recently walked off the job, citing overwork and potential risks to patient safety. Organizers said that the poor working conditions contributed to serious issues like medication and vaccination errors.

The pharmacists’ demands were clear:

  • Improved transparency regarding work hours
  • Dedicated training for new staff
  • Adjusted work expectations based on staffing levels

Though the company recently made leadership changes, whether it will do more to respond to workers’ concerns is unknown.

The pandemic put an incredible strain on workers, particularly those in sectors like healthcare and retail. Since then, it has become even more vital for employees to voice their needs and for companies to listen and act.

How is this relevant to Michigan workers?

For workers in Michigan facing similar conditions, the situation at Walgreens is a stark reminder of the importance of advocating for safe workplaces. Too many people face risks to their health and well-being because of preventable hazards at their job.

While there are federal and state laws in place to protect workers’ rights to a safe workplace, the unfortunate reality is that too many companies cut corners. They ignore their legal obligations, dismiss employee complaints and make decisions that do not prioritize their workers’ safety. When this happens, taking action to stop unlawful practices can be essential.

Navigating complex legal waters

Legal issues surrounding workplace safety and workers’ rights can be highly intricate. As seen with the Walgreens case, employee concerns can escalate to a level where legal guidance becomes indispensable.

If you’re a worker in Michigan grappling with workplace concerns, remember that you’re not alone, and resources are available to help safeguard your interests and well-being.