Fighting For
Employee And Union Rights
Fighting For
Employee And Union Rights

Obtaining Benefits For Psychological / Mental Injuries

You probably know that physical injuries caused by your work, such as back strain, carpal tunnel syndrome, head injuries and even amputations are covered by workers’ compensation. You may also know that illness and physical symptoms caused by workplace exposure to chemicals, asbestos, paint fumes and other harmful substances are covered as occupational diseases. What you may not know is that psychological conditions and mental injuries caused by work-related trauma or stress are also covered by work comp in Michigan.

Fighting For Your Right To Workers’ Compensation For Psychological And Mental Injuries

Have you needed therapy, counseling, medications or other psychological or mental health treatment because of work-related trauma or stress? Have you lost time from work because of depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder or another condition caused by trauma or stress at work?

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When Is A Trauma Or Stress-Related Mental Injury Covered By Worker’s Compensation In Michigan?

In Michigan, a psychological injury caused by events that occurred while on the job may be considered a valid work injury, compensable by workers’ compensation benefits. For example, a mental illness or disability may be caused by trauma or the stress of the job itself. Depression or other psychiatric disorders may be caused by a foreman or supervisor putting extreme pressure on an employee. Witnessing or experiencing a traumatic event at work may result in post-traumatic stress disorder or another anxiety disorder. Please note, stress-related claims are not allowed if the stress is caused by discipline, a demotion, termination, lay-off or closure of a company.

What Types Of Workers’ Comp Benefits Are Available For Depression, Anxiety Or Psychiatric Illness Caused By Work-Related Stress?

Generally, if the employee’s need for medical or psychological treatment is caused by trauma or stress in the workplace, the workers’ compensation insurer will have to pay for the related medical expenses and wage loss benefits.

  • Medical benefits consist of all reasonable and necessary medical care, including payment for medical, psychological or psychiatric treatment. Some types of health care which might be covered include counseling, therapy, anti-depressant medications /other prescription drugs, hospitalization and doctor visits.
  • Wage loss benefits compensate an injured worker for wages lost because of a work-related disability. Wage replacement is generally calculated at 80 percent of an employee’s average weekly wage, up to a weekly maximum rate. If you were left totally disabled by your emotional stress, you may also be eligible for Social Security Disability benefits.

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