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Diabetes and heart disease risk among women under 60

On Behalf of | Nov 12, 2013 | Social Security Disability Benefits for Illnesses

A study was recently conducted which looked at diabetes and the risk of developing heart disease. The study yielded some rather alarming results when it comes to women under age 60 who are diabetes sufferers.

The study was conducted by researchers from the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine and it has been published in “Diabetes Care.”

The researchers in the study looked at data from three large studies. The data regarded over 10,000 Americans. The researchers sifted through the data to look at how the heart disease risk of men and women with diabetes compared to the heart disease risk of those without this condition.

The study discovered that there was a rather large difference between men and women as to whether individuals with diabetes had a higher likelihood of developing heart disease. The study found that, for men, there was little difference in the heart disease risk of those with diabetes and those without the condition. For women under age 60, on the other hand, the study found that the heart disease risk of those with diabetes was significantly higher than the risk for those without the condition.

One wonders what is behind this significant difference between men and women. It will be interesting to see what results future studies looking at this difference will yield. One also wonders if this study and ones that follow up on its findings will lead to medical professionals making changes regarding the testing and treatment they give women under 60 who have diabetes.

Diabetes and heart disease can have significant short-term and long-term impacts on their victims. These conditions can have effects on all aspects of a person’s life, including their professional life.

If a person has become unable to work due to diabetes or heart disease and is thinking about applying for Social Security Disability benefits, they should consider talking to a disability attorney. A disability attorney can help a person determine if they meet the eligibility requirements for such benefits and can help them with the many aspects of bringing a claim for such benefits.

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