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New disabled character introduced for ‘Archie’ series

On Behalf of | Jun 9, 2014 | Social Security Disability

Individuals with disabilities can face many different types of adversity.

One thing that, sadly, has been a potential source of adversity for disabled individuals over the years is society in general. Sadly, society has sometimes been very narrow-minded in its views and depictions of individuals with disabilities. One could see how this could present real challenges and hardships for disabled individuals.

Thankfully, society has been working to be better. There have been many areas in which society has shown significant improvements when it comes to disabled individuals. One is the depiction of disabled individuals in popular media, such as: novels, TV shows, movies and comic books.

In the past, disabled individuals weren’t depicted terribly often in such media and, when they were, it often was in a very one-dimensional and inaccurate manner. Now however, many media companies have been taking efforts to have more disabled characters and to have such characters be depicted as real people who are defined by far more than just their disability. This is a very important thing, as depictions in media can have significant impacts on societal views.

A recent example of this trend can be seen in an announcement Archie Comics recently made. The announcement was that a new character, named Harper, will be added to the “Archie” comic book series and that this character is a character with a disability. In his description of the character, an official with the company said: “Harper is, first and foremost, a funny, fashionable and witty teenager. The fact that she’s disabled is only one part of her story, and we’re excited to welcome her to Riverdale and Archie Comics.” The character’s debut in the “Archie” series is set to occur later this month.

One hopes that the issue of accurately portraying disabled individuals will continue to be an area of focus in popular media in years to come.

Another source of adversity for a disabled person can be the nature of their disability. Some disabilities make it so a person can’t work.

Disabled individuals who are unable to work can also face adversity when applying for benefits. Sometimes, a disabled individual’s initial claim for Social Security Disability benefits or similar benefits is denied. Thankfully, disabled individuals do not have to fight this particular form of adversity alone. Disability benefits attorneys can give guidance to such individuals when it comes to the appeals process.

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