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Receiving Social Security disability benefits for seizure

On Behalf of | Feb 19, 2015 | Social Security Disability Benefits for Illnesses

Many people in Detroit who have medical issues are not aware that their problems qualify them to receive Social Security disability benefits for illness. While many are under the impression that SSD benefits are only available to those who have such medical challenges as paralysis, severe mental disorders or clear injuries that are visible to the naked eye, it’s important to remember that those who suffer from medical problems that cause seizure are also eligible.

People with epilepsy will generally suffer from seizures. Understanding the SSA criteria for epileptic seizures is a key to receiving benefits. The level of a person’s impairment due to epilepsy will hinge on the duration, type, frequency and chronic nature of the condition. These will determine whether or not a claimant reaches the requirements to be approved. There must be one seizure described in detail. It must include details regarding control of the sphincter, biting of the tongue, injuries because of the incident and other issues related to it.

The doctor who is providing the report must indicate the details of the seizure and its extent. Witnesses who can describe the seizures can provide testimony to the SSA if there isn’t a medical professional able to give an assessment. Other forms of epilepsy including non-convulsive can have the criteria applied only in the event that the impairment persists regardless of the person adhering to prescribed medical treatment. Objective medical findings can generally determine whether or not the claimant is following the prescribed treatments. Tests can be taken to see if this is the case. The serum drug levels in the patient must also be analyzed.

Given the nature in which Social Security disability is becoming more and more difficult to get due to increased scrutiny by governmental agencies and cutbacks, one of the keys for a deserving claimant is to follow the rules laid out by the SSA to receive benefits. Those who believe they are eligible for qualifying SSD benefits for illness should move forward with their case and ensure they’re strictly following the rules to avoid a denial because of mistakes made when applying. Assistance from a legal professional experienced in Social Security disability benefits for illness is the first step.

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