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SSD benefits fraud punished with significant jail time

On Behalf of | May 14, 2015 | Social Security Disability

For Michigan workers who suffer debilitating injuries, it can be incredibly difficult to work. The inability to work can rob a person of the capacity to earn his wages and financially support his family. For individuals who are unable to work, government programs such as Social Security Disability exist, from which people with legitimate ailments are provided with financial assistance.

As with other programs that offer those in need the financial help that is needed to live their lives, many people try to take advantage of the financial support that SSD benefits can provide. Whether through faking injuries or illnesses, some unscrupulous individuals pretend to have the same very serious medical problems that often keep hard-working Americans out of jobs in order to experience pecuniary gain.

Just recently, a United States postal worker was sentenced to a hefty jail sentence for committing fraud against the Social Security Administration. Between the years of 2009 and 2014, the man reportedly received more than $365,000 in SSD and United States Department of Labor benefits. He claimed that he suffered a back injury during his time with the postal service and then perpetrated the fraud in order to experience financial gain.

Once the government caught on to his illegal acts, it used evidence of his activities and travel to demonstrate that he was not actually injured. The man was charged with fraud and eventually pled guilty. His sentence included 30 months of imprisonment.

The inability to work can have life-changing repercussions for an individual and his family. Thankfully, there are programs that offer financial support for those who cannot work. Even though some individuals twist the truth in order to illegally gain SSD benefits, the program is available to individuals with real illnesses and injuries and who are in need of assistance to keep their financial lives on track.

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