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Cancer survivors can benefit from Social Security Disability

On Behalf of | Jun 16, 2016 | Social Security Disability

Out of all the illnesses that a person can get, one of the most widely-feared is cancer. Whether the source of cancer is hereditary, due to workplace illness or just something that has seemingly come out of nowhere, this disease can make it nearly impossible to earn a living. Consequently, those who are faced with a sudden cancer diagnosis may want to make an appointment with a Michigan Social Security Disability attorney.

Earlier this month, on June 5, it was National Cancer Survivors Day. Advancements in medicine have led to more optimistic outcomes for many cancer patients, particularly if there is a diagnosis early on which leaves time for thorough treatment. Still, for a person going through cancer, worrying about one’s health is a constant reality and for many patients and survivors worrying about money is also a daily routine. A devastating illness can make it difficult to retain one’s job, as work itself may be too exhausting and time off for frequent appointments and recovery periods can run out quickly.

As a result, many who are diagnosed with cancer are no longer able to work, let alone at a level that is financially sustainable. The Social Security Disability system recognizes this; many former workers with cancer are able to obtain benefits through the Social Security system. For extremely serious illnesses, such as many forms of cancer, Social Security Disability offers what are called compassionate allowances. The program essentially allows individuals with certain afflictions to have their cases processed faster and with less medical information. There is no special form that a person has to fill out in order to receive a compassionate allowance, although an SSDI attorney can explain the process and what the qualifying conditions are.

This year, over one million people around the world will receive a cancer diagnosis. For those in Michigan, this may mean that work is no longer an option. Successful Social Security Disability claims can make a life-changing difference during this difficult time. An experienced SSDI law firm can help someone suffering from a severe illness understand the benefits to which they are entitled, apply for benefits, challenge denied claims and continue to receive existing benefits.

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