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Social Security Disability benefits convert to retirement

On Behalf of | Aug 11, 2016 | Social Security Disability

It’s not unusual nowadays to hear of people delaying retirement and working longer. With Michigan’s uncertain economy and many people attempting to cope with the changing employment landscape, many in the workforce may be wondering how and when they can stop working. For workers who have suffered a disability, not working may not be a choice. These individuals face a lot of questions, but especially if they are near retirement age.

A Michigan Social Security Disability attorney may be able to answer these questions and provide needed advice on how to navigate disability benefits at an older age. In general, when a worker has worked in a place of employment covered by social security disability, he or she can receive monthly cash benefits if he or she has suffered a disability preventing him or her from working for a year or longer. Typically, these benefits continue until the worker is able to go back to work again on a regular basis.

When a person receiving social security disability benefits reaches full retirement age, the disability benefits actually convert to retirement benefits. The amount remains the same. The earliest a person can begin to receive social security retirement benefits is age 62, but those who start claiming benefits at this age receive a lower amount due to the longer time they will receive benefits. The age at which a person can receive a non-reduced monthly benefit is 67.

Obtaining help with social security disability claims can be a difficult task, especially when someone is also trying to figure out retirement. An experienced social security disability attorney may be able to aid people who need to know how their benefits will be calculated, when they will start receiving benefits, and how much they are entitled to.

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