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What types of workplace discrimination exist in Michigan?

On Behalf of | Aug 24, 2016 | Employment Law

What types of workplace discrimination exist – and are illegal – in the state of Michigan? This could be a question on the minds of many local workers these days, as jobs may be scarce and workplace conditions less than ideal. Knowing what types of discrimination exist is important for those who may be affected by this harmful practice. Moreover, if one person in a workplace is being treated unfairly, chances are others are, too.

At one point or another, many Michigan workers may have felt they were treated unfairly on the job. Is this workplace discrimination, though? An attorney specializing in employment law can provide answers to this important question. Generally speaking, illegal discrimination in the workplace consists of treating a worker unfairly due to his or her status in a legally protected group; the unfair treatment differs from the ways in which members of a different group are treated.

Legally protected groups are those that consist of race, age, sex and religion. In addition, the Elliott-Larsen Civil Rights Act also makes it illegal for Michigan employers to discriminate based on the following factors: weight, height, national origin, color and marital status. Finally, it is also against the law for employers to discriminate based upon physical or mental disability. This category also bars discrimination based on a person’s status as HIV-positive.

Discrimination itself can take many different forms, from harassment to wrongful termination. The consistent element is that the worker who is discriminated against is treated negatively due to his or her status in one of the aforementioned protected groups. For legal advice and strategies regarding workplace discrimination in Michigan, it may be a wise move to seek the guidance of an experienced attorney.

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