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Starting the Social Security Disability appeal process

On Behalf of | Oct 6, 2016 | Social Security Disability

If a Michigan resident becomes disabled, it’s important that he or she obtain the help needed for the financial difficulty that a disability entails. Sometimes, a disability is such that the person can no longer continue in the same type of job, or even continue working at all. In these situations, the disabled person may consider applying for Social Security Disability. This is a “lifeline” of sorts for people who can no longer work and have bills to pay.

An experienced Social Security Disability attorney can aid a disabled person who has questions about the application process. If a person has a qualifying disability, the right legal help can mean that person’s application process will proceed smoothly. After an approval, the disabled person often breathes a sigh of relief that their financial worries are lessened. However, if a person’s application for Social Security disability is denied, they may have many more questions.

One such question is what the disabled person has to do to begin the appeals process. According to the Social Security Administration, a successful appeal usually begins with supporting documentation that details a person’s physical or mental disability. This documentation can take many different forms, and an SSDI attorney can explain what types of documents are acceptable and which ones will most thoroughly support a case.

The SSA notes that the quickest way to appeal a decision is to submit supporting documentation online. A written appeal form can also be submitted; it must be sent before 60 days have passed since the receipt of the denial letter. Typically, the SSA assumes that the letter has been received five days after it was sent by the agency, unless the recipient can prove that it was received later than that. In any event, it may be very beneficial to have an attorney handle these and many other details related to Social Security disability appeals.

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