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Social Security disability is available for chronic pain

On Behalf of | Nov 17, 2017 | Social Security Disability

Many workers in the Detroit area may find themselves experiencing what doctors call chronic pain. What exactly causes chronic pain is still somewhat mysterious, though doctors strongly suspect it actually has something to do with the way one’s brain and nervous system transmit signals to the affected part of the body.

Some also speculate that some Michiganders may just be born with heightened sensitivity to pain, such that what to others is an ordinary injury to them is debilitating.

In any event though it is important for Detroit residents to remember that, just because it is mysterious, chronic pain is a real condition that can profoundly affect whether a person can keep working in his or her profession or even perform life’s daily functions. It is certainly not a condition that people are just making up because they do not want to work.

Unfortunately, because it is hard for representatives of the Social Security Administration to see “chronic pain” simply by looking at a person. Therefore, it is easy to have a claim for Social Security disability benefits based on chronic pain denied.

One should rest assured, though, that chronic pain is a qualifying disability, and therefore Detroit residents who suffer from it have a right to seek out disability benefits for the medical condition. It is important, though, that people remember that simply having a diagnosis of chronic pain is not enough to collect benefits.

Instead, one must show how from medical records and other information to prove that he or she cannot continue working because of the chronic pain. This may be a difficult task to do on one’s own, but a qualified Social Security disability attorney can be of valuable assistance in doing this.