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Appealing a denial of disability for chronic pain

On Behalf of | Dec 14, 2017 | Social Security Disability

Especially with pressure from all corners for the government to run more efficiently, the Social Security Administration is rarely quick to accept any application for disability benefits on first go-around. This is especially true for Detroit, Michigan, residents and others who apply because of a medical condition that isn’t plainly visible and isn’t always easy to understand. Chronic pain is such a condition.

Our law office has 40 years’ experience handling Social Security appeals, and, during that time, we’ve had plenty of opportunities to represent clients in trying to get the benefits they need and deserve.

We have practical experience about what arguments are most persuasive when it comes to convincing an administrative law judge that our clients are entitled to Social Security payments, and we do our best to make these arguments and stick by them.

We feel that the secret to our successes is careful preparation long before the appeal actually takes place. Especially in cases where a person’s symptoms cannot be observed, for instance, it is very important to present a detailed and easy to understand record of the person’s medical condition and how it affects him or her, particularly when it comes to being able to work in a job for which the person is qualified.

If one of our client’s needs to get a further medical evaluation or additional documentation of their condition, we can at least point that client in the right direction.

The attorneys at our law office have every incentive to do what they legally can to get a Detroit resident the disability benefits they need. We work hard to make sure whoever is reviewing an application has a complete and accurate understanding of our client’s case.