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Helping you secure the SSD benefits you are eligible for

On Behalf of | Mar 7, 2019 | Social Security Disability

Living with a disability can pose various challenges for individuals in Michigan and elsewhere. Whether one was born with a disability or acquired one later in life due to an injury or illness, one needs to consider his or her needs and if they are currently being met. When a disability prevents an individual from working, this can create additional problems, as one may no longer be able to afford food, clothing and even shelter. This is where Social Security disability benefits can be very valuable. This program was designed to help those living with disabilities afford their basic living needs.

Applying for SSD benefits can seem daunting, as many initial applications are denied. For the fear of being denied, many put off the application process; however, because it can be a lengthy process, it is important to timely seek these benefits. The attorneys at Miller Cohen, PLC, understand how complicated the application process can be, especially now that the government is looking to cut costs.

Our law firm takes pride in helping individuals in the Detroit area understand what they can do to increase their chances of being approved. This means ensuring the application is complete and all necessary documentation is included. Providing clear and accurate evidence can help one illustrate that they are suffering from a qualifying disability, making them eligible for these benefits. Even if one is initially denied, our attorneys are prepared to help explain the reconsideration and appeals process, assisting our clients with this part of the process if they believe it is the right step for them to take.

To learn more, check out our law firm’s Social Security disability website. Whether you are in the beginning phases of applying for these benefits, are ready to file, were denied benefits or are dealing with an issue associated with current SSD benefits, it is important to understand your situation and what options you might have. This can help you obtain the benefits you are entitled to and take the steps necessary to protect your rights and interests in the matter.