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The SSA looking at social media of SSD applicants

On Behalf of | Mar 21, 2019 | Social Security Disability

We often share a lot about ourselves on-line. In a world where social media takes priority over in person interactions, it is easy to uncover many details about a person’s life on these platforms. While this is common for individuals in Michigan and other states across the nation, one does not often consider how the information they share on social media could impact his or her ability to recover disability benefits.

Living with a disability can be challenging; thus, when obstacles occur during the application process for Social Security disability benefits, this can become a very overwhelming and discouraging situation. According to recent reports, it is suggested that the Social Security Administration may look to Facebook, Instagram and other social media platforms when one files a disability claim.

The reason for suggesting such steps to be taken is to determine if those seeking or receiving SSD benefits are in fact living with a qualifying disability. Because some are prone to post everything on-line, the idea is that if someone is not living with a disability, this could be observed through these social media platforms.

However, social media is a poor measure of one’s life and cannot be considered foolproof. Thus, if such facts are used against an applicant or a recipient for SSD benefits, it is important to understand that these does not mean one cannot obtain these benefits. It is imperative that one understands their rights and what steps he or she could take if they are not approved for disability benefits.