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Applying for SSD under the compassionate allowances list

On Behalf of | Jun 13, 2019 | Social Security Disability

Because of how important Social Security disability benefits are to many disabled individuals and their families, it is important for applicants to know there may be ways to expedite the Social Security disability application process. The application process is well known as being cumbersome, time-consuming and can result in many denials, so it can be helpful to fully understand the process before applying.

Qualifying for Social Security disability benefits depends on the applicant’s disability, medical condition and work history. In general, to be eligible to receive benefits, the individual must meet certain work history requirements and have paid into the system. They must also suffer from a medical condition that prevents them from working and is expected to last 12 months or longer or result in death. The disabled individual may establish their disability through medical records but the disability they suffer from may be on the list of disabling conditions maintained by the Social Security Administration.

The SSA maintains a list of medical conditions that immediately qualify the disabled individual for disability benefits. The list is referred to as the compassionate allowances list and includes medical conditions, such as some cancers, brain disorders in adults and rare illnesses in children. If the disabled applicant suffers from a medical condition on the compassionate allowances list, their claim may also receive expedited processing.

The compassionate allowances list exists to ensure that those who are most in need of disability benefits receive them as quickly as possible. The process of qualifying for SSD benefits is by no means easy, so disabled individuals and their families should be familiar with all the options available to help them qualify for the benefits they need.