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Michigan couple awarded $11.4 million in discrimination case

On Behalf of | Sep 19, 2019 | Employment Law

Employees often look at their workplace as a place they enjoy being in. While this is an ideal situation, this is not always the case. For some, the workplace can be uncomfortable due to acts of discrimination and harassment. Although laws and regulations protect employees from such treatment, some employees unfortunately have this experience. And, in these matters, an employee has the right to take action against this mistreatment.

According to recent reports, a husband and wife in Lansing were awarded $11.4 million in a case alleging racial discrimination and retaliation. The married couple worked in the Corrections Department, the wife as probation officers and the husband as the deputy warden.

The wife asserted that she was harassed in the work environment because she was black. Her husband alleged that he was retaliated against and was forced to resign due to their treatment after the couple complained about the harassment experienced.

The wife, who still remains employed by the department, asserted that she was mistreated since the day she transferred there in 2014. She stated that she experienced racial insults on a continuous basis. This led to both the husband and wife taking action against this treatment.

Employment law matters, such as those involving discrimination, can be complex and emotional. It can be challenging for employees to take action. But, it is possible to hold a party responsible for this mistreatment. Additionally, an employee can seek compensation for the harms and damages caused by the situation, helping to make them whole again.