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Will my worker’s comp affect my SSD benefits?

On Behalf of | Dec 12, 2019 | Social Security Disability

Anyone receiving workers compensation or other benefits, may still be able to receive Social Security Disability benefits. However, the amount of disability one receives every month may be reduced depending on which other benefits one is receiving.

According to the Social Security Administration, applicants may receive SSD benefits and other benefits at the same time. Disability benefits one receives from private pensions, insurance benefits or other private sources do not have an effect on SSD benefits. However, public disability benefits, such as workers’ compensation stemming from a job-related injury or illness, can lower the amount of SSD recipients receive each month. The total benefits received, including SSD benefits and workers’ comp benefits, are not allowed to go beyond 80 percent of the pre-disability average earnings.

Disability payments received from the government (state, federal, local), including civil service disability benefits, temporary disability benefits or retirement benefits, may also effect the amount of SSD applicants receive. But, Veteran Administration benefits, Supplemental Security Income or government benefits, if one paid into Social Security via taxes from your earnings, will not affect the SSD one receives, even though they are public benefits.

Social Security Disability benefits provide Michigan residents with financial stability when they are unable to work due to injury. For those unable to work due to an illness or injury, an attorney specializing in disability benefits may be able to help obtain deserved SSD benefits. People who are receiving public disability benefits or worker’s compensation may find discussing their situation with an attorney helpful in obtaining a better idea of how SSD benefits will be impacted.