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Fighting For
Employee And Union Rights

Three hidden job dangers that may place you at risk

On Behalf of | Feb 11, 2022 | Workers' Compensation

Some job dangers are obvious, such as roofers working high from the ground or truck drivers sharing the road with careless motorists. Other dangers are more subtle, but nonetheless pose serious risks for workers who face them every day. Some of the hidden risks you might face on your job include:

Loud noises

Exposure to high levels of noise can result in hearing loss if it goes on long enough. Noises that remain at 70 decibels or lower are generally safe, but when that number reaches 85 decibels the danger mounts. How loud is 85 decibels? That noise level is present in everyday environments such as:

  • Crowded bars and restaurants
  • Commercial kitchens
  • Hotel lobbies
  • Areas near heavy road traffic

Anyone who works in such an environment may suffer hearing loss if they are exposed to those noises for a long period of time. Some workplaces provide their employees with hearing protection, but this is generally in occupations with obvious noise hazards, such as construction and factory work.

Workplace violence

Acts of violence can strike anywhere people congregate, including the workplace. Some occupations present an acute risk of violence, such as police or corrections officers, but these are far from the only jobs that pose such dangers. Health care workers are vulnerable to attacks by unruly patients. Cashiers and others who work in public places face risks from angry customers or robberies.

Sedentary assignments

People who sit all day face their own set of workplace hazards. The dangers of sedentary occupations include a heightened risk of heart disease and even cancer. Sitting, typing, and operating a computer mouse may not seem dangerous, but the repetitive stress of these daily activities can result in carpal tunnel syndrome and other debilitating conditions.

Whether you have suffered an on-the-job injury from an accident or due to prolonged exposure to a job hazard, you have important legal rights you should know about.